Naomi Marin is an award winning makeup artist and hairstylist with over 15 years of experience working in the beauty industry. A self-taught professional born in Los Angeles CA, Naomi works as an independent contractor by appointment only.  Specializing in beauty education, 1:1 coaching, and corporate consulting, she routinely books clients for private makeup lessons and services.  Her expertise is sought by both private and professional clients working in high fashion and editorial work along with corporate professionals. She has been featured internationally in Marie Claire, FHM magazine, Mia España, and worked as a makeup artist and hairstylist at the Primetime Emmy Awards. 


Her passion lies in volunteer work.  Whether empowering sex trafficking victims, face-painting at local hospitals, or offering professional makeup and hair services for various charities, she is passionate about giving back to her community.  Naomi has volunteered her services for City of Hope, Beauty Bus, Ronald McDonald House, and Look Good Feel Better Foundation.  She earnestly believes in giving back to her community, and through serving others she helps to repay all those who have sacrificed to make her a success.


Whether it’s transformation or touch up, Naomi is committed to giving her clients the perfect look or education to fit their needs. Her vision is to help create a beauty education community designed to enable the next generation of stylists with the beauty and business tools to shift the industry forever. Naomi currently resides in Orange County, CA and is actively serving locations across the globe. 

I believe  that in order to reach Success, you must embrace and appreciate those failing stepping stones, for they are the reason that helped guide you to your destination."

- Naomi Marin

Southern CA,  

Open to Travel

Tel: 949-652-0332

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