Swann De La Rosa, Enrolled in Beauty Business 3 Day Course 

I was facing a career change when I contacted Naomi Marin about her coaching. Naomi’s work had been inspiring me for some time and I wanted to learn from her, I wanted to learn from the best!

I followed Naomi’s intensive coaching program “Beauty Business Coaching," and I gained much more from the course then I anticipated. I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime to improve my practice as an independent makeup artist and hair stylist. She provided me the foundation for growth and success in my new business.

She has been an exemplary professional coach and mentor, not just during the course, but beyond. I feel very supported in the attainment of my goals. My practice and business have already improved dramatically in a very short amount of time.
I can hardly wait for the next time I will see her for the next level "Beauty Business Elite Coaching.”

Louisa Nicola Performance Coach from Sydney, Australia.

I have been using Naomi for quite some time now to do my make up for any event that I have to attend or have to speak at. Naomi is a perfectionist and takes great time and detail to ensure that my make up is perfect for the event, no matter how important it is. Her attention to detail is second to none and she goes out of her way, even to buy products especially for her clients if she thinks they may work better than others. The most valuable resource that Naomi possesses is her ability to cultivate a relationship with her client prior to beginning her services which was the biggest thing for me as a professional. She always makes herself available even at short notice and I always know I can rely on her to make sure I am looking my best! On many occasions, Naomi has given me product to take with me to events to re-apply should I need to. Naomi definitely deserves recognition for her talent as a make up artist.

Anjelica former student of 5 week coaching program NYC

I was introduced to Naomi via Instagram. Online I knew her to be a makeup artist but later introduced to her as a business coach. After receiving a few sessions with Naomi, she helped me realize the areas that were holding me back to be able to propel my career in the right direction! Naomi is not only a great artist but a phenomenal coach as well. Would definitely recommend to others who are looking for a beauty coach!

Southern CA,  

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