Beauty Business Elite Coaching

-How to get published

-Networking with vendors in your industry

-Identifying & Exploiting your niche

-Building relationships that equate to value

-Product Knowledge & Leverage

-Time Management “Elite” Skills

-V.I.P. Hospitality Skills

-Environmental Social    Responsibility/Corporate Social  Responsibility (ESR/CSR)

Beauty Business Mastery Coaching

- Networking with big-time players in   the industry

- How to get published internationally

- Building relationships globally that    extend your brand presence

- How to build a Coaching & Training  Platform that tribes follow


Beauty Business Coaching

-Recruiting new clientele

-Beauty application fundamentals

-Getting to know the bridal brain

-Time Management Skills for large bridal  parties and events

-Fundamentals of how to prioritize your    goals.

Southern CA,  

Open to Travel

Tel: 949-652-0332

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